On Friday, March 22, 2024, the University of Aizu Smart Design Research Cluster and the Fukushima Museum held a meeting at the Fukushima Museum to report on the results of their joint research project "Visualization of Museum Visiting Conditions and Visiting Experiences and Improvement of Museum Visiting Experiences" for the fiscal year 2023.
 In the debriefing session, Senior Associate Professor KOHIRA Yukihide and Professor YOSHIOKA Rentaro gave an overview of their research and reported on their findings.

-Analysis of data change before and after smoke exhaust window failure (KOHIRA)
-Estimation of the number of people using thermography (KOHIRA)
-Estimation of human flow by Bluetooth radio wave (KOHIRA)
-Improvement of viewing application (YOSHIOKA)
-Recording and sharing of viewing experience (YOSHIOKA)
-Data search support application (YOSHIOKA)

After an overview of the research and a report on the results, a question-and-answer session and exchange of opinions took place between the University of Aizu professors and the curators of the Prefectural Museum.

s-Prof. KOHIRA.jpg
Prof. KOHIRA Yukihide

s-Prof. YOSHIOKA.jpg
Prof. YOSHIOKA Rentaro

Sensors installed in exhibition rooms

<Plans for FY2024>
Improvement and addition of sensors
  Small sensors, CO2 measurement
Data utilization and knowledge creation
  Real-time display of data on human flow and dwell time for each exhibit
  Constant monitoring of sensor data and changes in the exhibition area
Utilization of apps for visitors (practical application)
  Advance data collection and improvement
Jointly evaluate and improve apps for curators
  Advance data viewing and utilization

<Collaboration between Fukushima Museum and the University of Aizu to date>
The University of Aizu and Fukushima Museum have collaborated on class subjects, exhibitions, and application development since FY2016, and have been conducting joint research since FY2020.
 *University of Aizu Smart Design Research Cluster Research

<Smart Design Research Cluster>
A team conducting academic research on cooperation in human-computer interaction