Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering

In April, 1997, the University of Aizu Graduate School was established for the purpose of contributing to the advancement of culture through exploration of education and research regarding academic theories and applications in the field of computer science and engineering, fostering of talented human resources with great originality and humanity, contribution to the promotion and development of local communities and industry through university-industry cooperation, and responding to the many diverse needs concerning lifelong education, to become a new center for creation of research networks of science and technology and to serve as a center to conduct leading scientific education and research which will facilitate international contributions to the field of computer science and engineering.

In April, 2008, a new program of intensive study oriented to future leaders of IT industry was introduced. (IT Specialist Program)The purpose of the program is to foster internationally educated experts in leading edge information technologies. In this program, the educational process has a special focus on team-based and industryoriented styles of study with a special attention given to project development management. In addition, a new environment based on creative factories (temporary laboratories) was established. Ph.D. students are expected to be leaders of these factories.

Academic Excellence

Quarter System

The Graduate School of the University of Aizu is the first in Japan to utilize a quarter system. This system has been incorporated to facilitate full utilization of the University's diverse faculty and excellent educational environment, and to enable the University to respond to the demands of providing diverse courses and nurturing creative people.

Research Assistant (RA) System

In addition to the Teaching Assistant (TA) System adopted in the Master's Program, an RA System has also been introduced in the Doctoral Program for the purpose of reinforcing the research support system and developing students' ability to conduct research as young researchers as well as financially supporting graduate students by offering remuneration for their work.

Term-free System

This is a unique feature related to our new Graduate Department of Information Technologies and Project Management and its program for leading edge IT specialists. The system allows the customization of the intensity of study to individual needs and the compression of the program duration from 2 years into 1.5 years for people with IT working experience.