Welcome to the JLab

We are a motion recognition group at the The University of Aizu. Our ultimate goal is to seamlessly connect human activities with the ubiquitous network.

To this end, we focus on the new motion sensing devices, motion measurement and recognition methods.

So far, we have developed several motion sensing devices including schoolbag, ring, toothbrush, pen, wristband, insole, and gloves. All these artifacts are designed to keep their original form factors and interaction method to achieve good affordance.

In the process of developing the different motion sensing devices, we notice that many common issues could be found across the different motion sensing applications. Therefore, we started to work on a wearable motion sensing platform named WonderEngine, which encapsulates the necessary hardware and software for human motion measurement, record, and analysis. The WonderEngine platform has been applied into several hands-on curriculums of motion capture and recognition. In addition, WonderEngine is also applied into the R&D of the motion sensing products.

JLab is located at Aizu-wakamatsu, a historical city (more than 600 years) of Japan. In Japanese, Aizu “会津” means meeting here. We are open mind to the world, and welcome the world-wide people with similar vision to meet up at our lab.

We are looking for highly motivated students with interest in electronics engineering, control theory, machine learning, and cyber-physical systems. (more info) !

Our current research activities are supported by The University of Aizu, JSPS, NEDO, and JKA.


Jun.9th 2022,

Given an invited talk on 「P2P-Glove: Detection of Hand Force and Gesture only with E-Textile Pressure Sensors」( video ) at NEDO

May. 2022,

Guest editor for SCI-E indexed journal  electronics  Special Issue 「Wearable Sensing Devices and Technology」

Dec.24th, 2022, Place:UoA

Give an invited lecture for visiting students from SENDAI IKUEI GAKUEN on「Intelligent sensing」

Apr.24th 2022, Place:online

Give an invited talk on 「motion sensing and mind enhance」 at Forum of Mind Enhancement

Apr.1st 2022,

Budget application on 「Data Glove based Peach Harvesting System」 is accepted by JSPS (科研費基盤C)

Apr.1st 2022,

Budget application on 「Data Glove based Japanese Sign Language Vocabulary Recognition」 is accepted by JKA (競輪財団)

Apr. 2022,

Paper on 「Pedestrian Dead Reckoning with Low-Cost Foot-Mounted IMU Sensor」is published in Micromachines

Mar.1st 2022,

Budget application on 「P2P-Glove Development」 is accepted by NEDO Younger Researcher Support Fund(若サポ)

Dec.21th, 2021, Place:online

Give a tutorial at MCSoC2021 on「Embedded Technologies for Multimodal Glove Development」

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