Outcomes of the Start-up Education and Internship Program

The outcomes of the "Start-up Education and Internship Program" are introduced here.


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Activities & Outcomes

Improvement of Internship Programs of Three Phases

Overview of Initiatives

In addition to workshops for experiencing start-up courses, we also designed three-phase internship programs: regional, domestic, and international.

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Students can combine the three phases freely to match their career plans and to improve their technical skills.


Growth of Indicators

The number of students who participated in the internship programs has increased because of expanding the types of program and participant quotas. The internship program itself had to be downsized due to the global spread of COVID-19, but we are tackling this situation by implementing alternative programs on campus.

AY2017 AY2018 AY2019
The number of study abroad / internship participants 27 46 47

Growth of Students

A student who participated in several overseas internships received inspiration from overseas engineers, which encouraged him to actively acquire world-class technical skills. For example, he participated in a national contest and promoted his techniques on a website. He finally got a job in a global company.


Other students also worked proactively to improve their technical and language skills. Students won prizes in national contests, and some students participated in several internships.

A selection of awards from the students who participated in the internship programs:

1st to 3rd place of International Space Apps Challenge 2017 held by NASA and participating in international competitions Fukushima Industry Award in the 4th Fukushima Economic, Industrial and Manufacturing Award
Best Paper Award in 1st International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (ICACT-2019) Encouragement Award Aizu IT Technology Certification
JPHACKS 2014 Grand Prix Winning a prize Digital Innovation Grand Prix 6
Best Award in HEROES LEAGUE 2019
Best Award at the Tohoku area, Winning the prize at the national competition
Participating in the GUGEN Contest 2018 and 2019

In addition, we established the Innovation and Start-up Education Program in AY2020. We provide an opportunity to raise students' awareness of start-up business through knowledge and experience of entrepreneurship.

The Business Development Project using Overseas Hubs

pic_internship_program04.jpgOverview of Initiatives

Overseas hubs to gather and disseminate information and work as education places have been established in Silicon Valley (U.S.), Dalian (China), and Shenzhen (China).

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The training programs using overseas hubs for students are progressing steadily. Students can learn technology and marketing overseas via these programs.

Growth of Indicators

The number of students taking business start-ups and management courses has drastically increased since the start of the business development program in Dalian in AY2018.

AY2016 AY2017 AY2018 AY2019

The number of students participating in
the technical innovation and fundamentals
for entrepreneurship courses

9 7 12 24

Growth of Students

A student who participated in the internship program at Dalian Neusoft University of Information, where we have an overseas hub, participated in other internships in Silicon Valley, and made a prototype to compete in a domestic contest. He further participated in a business development project in Dalian. The extracurricular experiences led him to proactively expand his abilities and improve his technical skills.


Through working on business development projects at the overseas hubs, students can experience business development while exploring technology. We encourage students' interest in a start-up business and their desire to be proactive.
Further, local management staff at each hub works on accepting visiting staff and students, gathering local information, and disseminating UoA's messages.