Overseas Hubs

The University of Aizu has the following three overseas hubs:

  • The University of Aizu Silicon Valley Office (Silicon Valley, USA)
  • The Neusoft-Aizu Innovation Hub (Dalian, China)
  • The University of Aizu Shenzhen Office (Shenzhen, China)

Silicon Valley Office


Neusoft-Aizu Innovation Hub


Shenzhen Office

These overseas hubs have three functions: education, information gathering, and information dissemination.
The University of Aizu Silicon Valley Office is used as a base for staff to gather and disseminate the latest information in collaboration with local engineers, as well as for overseas internships for students.
The Neusoft-Aizu Innovation Hub in Dalian, China is located in the Dalian Neusoft University of Information (DNUI) which is a private university in China. It provides an environment in which students can take part in activities and receive an education from DNUI.
The University of Aizu Shenzhen Office located in the Futian District in the center of Shenzhen, China is related to local start-up companies to gather and disseminate information. There is a convention center near the office, which provides an environment for university conferences and other presentations.
We use these offices as places for obtaining the latest information in the world to improve students' technical skills and their entrepreneurial spirit.