Outcomes of the ICT Global All-English Program

The outcomes of the "ICT Global All-English Program" (ICTG Program) are introduced here.


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Activities & Outcomes

Started the ICTG Program for Japanese Students

Overview of Initiatives

The ICTG Program, which was originally intended for international undergraduates, is also open to Japanese students.

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Students can join the same class of international students and take various courses in English.

Growth of Indicators

Since the opening of the ICTG Program, the number of international students enrolled in the course has increased steadily every year. Further, the overall number of students has expanded since AY2019 with the Japanese students enrolling in the course.

AY2016 AY2017 AY2018 AY2019 AY2020(October)
International Students 11 27 32 32 39
Japanese Students - - - 9 27
Total 11 27 32 41 66

Growth of Students

pic_ict_global_program.jpgMr. NAMATAME Reon (Enrollment in 2018)
Mr. NAMATAME, who enrolled in the ICTG Program in the third quarter of his 2nd undergraduate year, felt that the experience of taking classes taught by teachers from different countries and learning technical terms in English has helped him to improve his language skills.
He takes the same classes as international students to communicate with them on many topics.
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In addition to Mr. NAMATAME, a lot of Japanese students who took the ICTG Program deepened communication with international students and became more active in activities abroad. This program fosters students' global competitive ability.

Acceptance of diverse range of Entrance Credencials

Overview of Initiatives

The UoA accepts various international standardized tests for admission applications and it continues to update the requirements based on applicants' needs.

The application requirements in AY2020

For English test TOEFL(iBT), TOEIC, EIKEN, IELTS, or others
For specialized subjects test IB, SAT Subject Tests, EJU, ACT, GCE A-level, Cambridge International A-level, National Higher Education Entrance Examination in China (Gaokao), AISSCE, HKDSE, STPM, and UEC

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The acceptance of a diverse range of entrance credentials makes it easier for students who are interested in the UoA from various countries to apply for the program.

Growth of Indicators

The number of successful applicants has increased since the ICTG Program's establishment. Successful applicants came from various countries, including the U.S., China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, and so on.

AY2016 AY2017 AY2018 AY2019 AY2020(October)
The number of successful applicants 11 16 15 8 20


The number of applicants has increased with the establishment of a flexible admission system.
Consequently, the campus is becoming more and more globalized by accepting international students from various countries and promoting exchanges with Japanese Students.