ICTG Program for Japanese students

Japanese undergraduates (who enrolled in April) can enroll in the ICT Global All-English Program (ICTG Program) after their 2nd year, as long as their English level is high enough.
In principle, students in this course will take lectures and exercises in English only and aim to graduate.


Participants can:

  • Have opportunities to communicate with international students and make international friends.
  • Improve their English conversation skills.
  • Develop practical English skills for participation in the study-abroad programs or overseas internship programs (to help promote yourself during an application and an interview).
  • Be used to an international environment before enrolling in the Honors Program, etc.
  • Get accustomed to an English environment as early as possible, especially for those who want to go to graduate school.

Certification of Completion

Upon graduation, students who have earned the required number of credits of the ICTG Course will receive a certificate of completion.

How to apply

Students who have earned the required number of credits by the 2nd year Q1 or Q3 can apply for this course. Please fill out the following application form with all the necessary information and submit it to the Academic Affairs Section in the Students Affairs Division.

*Some applicants who are willing, regardless of requirements, may be allowed to enroll in this course after 3rd year.
*Some classes may be taken in Japanese due to class schedule or class capacity.
E-mail: sgu-adm@u-aizu.ac.jp