Name of the Institution: Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information

Duration of Program:September 10 - September 23, 2018

Name of students:

・Mr. Ryo Endo (a fouth-year student), Mr. Yuhi Kumagai (a second-year student), Ms. Akiho Tanabe (a first-year student), Mr. Shota Sugie (a second-year student)

◆Yuhi Kumagai (2nd year)

I went to Neusoft Institute of Information for a short-term study, because I was interested in China's economy and technology that are keeping to develop rapidly.

I experienced various things through my study abroad. I studied languages, and had cross-cultural exchange. So I could get a lot of information about the China and feel I grew up. In language studies, I have never studied Chinese before, so I did not know exactly what it was. I could learn the rough appearance such as the basis of Chinese through this study and I thought it would be useful for learning. Also, I often felt the differences between Japan and China.

First, when I interacted with Chinese students, I felt big differences how to study and how to feel things. I thought that it was a good opportunity to look back on my way of thinking. Besides, it was almost 100% cashless in China. The QR codes of Alipay or Wechat are shown with POP near the cashier at the stores. I was also surprised to pay using the remittance function even if it is B2C. Even chips such as live show on the street were cashless. I did not see anyone paying cash, so I felt the difference of convenience. In addition, I was able to know the differences about thinking in the workplace between Japan and China when I took a tour of a Chinese company, and it gave me a very valuable experience.

I am very grateful to the local students and teachers for their support in this short-term study. I would like to make an effort to make full use of my experience in this study abroad.

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