Users of the University facilities must observe the following rules.

  1. On the day of the facility use, users must present a "Facility Use Permit" at the Security Office on the 1st floor of the Administration Complex before starting use. After use, users must check the condition of the facility based on the "Facility User Check List", and submit the check list to the Security Office for confirmation by a security staff member.
  2. Users are allowed to park their cars and buses in the West Parking Lot. Only wheelchair users may park their cars in the designated parking spaces in front of the Administration Complex. On weekdays, up to 100 cars can be parked in the West Parking Lot.
  3. Users must assign an adequate number of staff members at the main entrance, the West Parking Lot, and other areas as necessary, in order to guide participants.
  4. Users of the athletic facilities must observe the "Rules for Users of the Athletic Facilities."
  5. Smoking is prohibited in all areas on campus.
  6. Use of items capable of producing open flames is prohibited on campus.
  7. Use of electrical devices in the facilities without permission is prohibited.
  8. Do not cause damage to the facilities, or take any equipment or items out of the facilities.
  9. Keep out of facilities other than those you are permitted to use.
  10. Distribution of documents and/or promotional activities are restricted on campus. Any business activities, including sale of goods, etc., are prohibited.
  11. Use the designated restrooms only. If more restrooms are needed, event organizers are responsible for setting up temporary lavatories.
  12. Users must take all waste and/or garbage with them.
  13. Clean up the facilities after use.
  14. Other than those listed above, follow the instructions given by the Individual Responsible for Facilities Management.

If any of the above rules is violated, the user in question may be prevented from further use of the University facilities.

Contact Information

Athletic facilities:
Student Health and Welfare Services Section, Student Affairs Division
Phone: 242-37-2515, Ext.: 6102
Other facilities:
General Affairs Section, General Affairs and Budget Division
Phone: 0242-37-2500, Ext.: 2216
Holidays and after office hours:
Security Office
Phone: 242-37-2515, Ext.: 6102