On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, an International Talk on Zoom took place as a Global Lounge activity. Twenty-eight people including students, faculty, and staff members participated.

Mr. Ahmed Hawasly, a 1st-year undergraduate student, was featured as a speaker. He introduced his home countries, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Mr. Odaira, a third-year student, acted as the moderator in English.

The standout feature of his presentation was the descriptive text accompanying the images. His carefully prepared slides and his fluent and clear language satisfied the audience's appetite for knowledge about these two countries. (see the pictures below). His talk covered everything from culture, religion, entertainment, and food in both countries, and gave the participants a sense of closeness to two countries far away from Japan.

With his explanation, viewers learned a great deal about the two countries. It was also a valuable opportunity to have a real-time presentation by a student like Ahmed-san, who has a broad cultural experience and perspective.

The content was so rich this time that the number of questions was limited due to time constraints. One participant commented, " I would have liked to have had it divided into two sessions, one for each country because the content piqued my curiosity so much. "

The next International Talk will take place in October via Zoom. We will keep you updated about this event.

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