On Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024, International Talk took place via Zoom and in person as an activity of Global Lounge. Twenty-four people, including students and faculty members, joined the event.

Ms. YOSHITA Cindy Natsuki, an undergraduate student, was invited to speak. She introduced her country, Brazil, in English! Mr. ODAIRA Takuto, a graduate student, acted as the MC for the event.

The presentation was an excellent overview of Brazil, including its geography, food, culture, and her hometown, São Paulo. In fact, she is a member of the Fukushima Association, working hard to strengthen the bond between Brazil and Japan. The great thing about the presentation was not only her talk but also the professional slides that her sister made. She kept the audience interested by showing many pictures and making the presentation wonderful. After hearing her talk, many of the participants looked interested in Brazil and wanted to visit in the future.

Numerous other captivating aspects, which cannot be fully described here, were showcased (see the pictures below). Her slide materials entranced the audience, and they completely lost track of time.

Although the Q&A session was limited due to time constraints, it was intriguing to delve into the cultural differences between Brazil and Japan.

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