A paper by Professor OHTAKE Makiko (*1) of the University of Aizu has been published in The Astrophysical Journal (*2), published by the American Astronomical Society. This paper reports the first observation of natural ejection of water ice and gas mixture from the lunar surface to space at the polar region, which last tens of hours at maximum. The result suggests vigorous transportation of water at the polar region, which is important for understanding water migration process on the Moon. Also, it is important for planning future water exploration missions at the lunar polar regions.

Publication name: The Astrophysical Journal, 963:124 (23pp)
Publication year: March 10, 2024

Paper Details
Title: Plumes of Water Ice/Gas Mixtures Observed in the Lunar Polar Region
Lead author:
OHTAKE Makiko (University of Aizu)
NAKAUCHI Yusuke(Ritsumeikan University; former PD, University of Aizu)
NISHITANI Ryusuke(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; former PD, University of Aizu)
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*1 Professor OHTAKE Makiko

*2 The Astrophysical Journal