On July 1, 2022, the 13 municipalities in the Aizu region, the Aizu Development Bureau of Fukushima Prefecture, Fukushima University, the University of Aizu, and the Junior College of Aizu opened the Aizu DX Nisshinkan(), which aims to study and actualize solutions to the issues that municipalities are facing in the Aizu region.

Faculty members and students from the University of Aizu, the Junior College of Aizu, Fukushima University, and other universities will work together to conduct fieldwork and other research on local issues, make policy proposals from the universities, and work to solve problems with the aim of actualize concrete solutions.
Faculty members from the University of Aizu will include Shiro Ishibashi, Director of the UBIC Center, Associate Professor Keisuke Hata, Professor Hiroshi Saito, Senior Associate Professor Yoichi Tomioka, Senior Associate Professor Yukihide Kohira, and from the Junior College of Aizu, Associate Professor Nobumasa Takahashi and Lecturer Takuya Watanabe.
In the case of implementation using ICT, we will work with local ICT companies and promote implementation as an industry-academia-government collaboration project.

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Aizu DX Nisshinkan (Fukushima Prefecture Aizu Development Bureau Official Web Site)
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