At the "Entrepreneur Koshien" held on Monday, March 1, 2021, the University of Aizu team won the "Judges' Special Award" for their business plan of "ELECLO" a product that allows users to switch clothing designs freely anytime and anywhere to enjoy fashion.



The "Entrepreneur Koshien" is an event organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)() with the aim of creating ICT startups from the local community, where high school students, technical college students, university students, and graduate students compete with their business plans.



<Team Name>
University of Aizu
<Plan Name>
ELECLO (Electronic Clothes)
Mr. TANIKAWA Naoya (1-year student)
<Team members>
Mr. KAKIZAKI Manato (1-year student), Mr. SUKEGAWA Takuya (3rd-year student), Ms. HASHIMOTO Shihomi (3rd-year student),
Mr. YOSHIDA Kenta (1-year student), Mr. TOMIYAMA Yuta (3-year student), Mr. ICHIMARU Yuya (1-year student of Sophia University)
<Summary of the plan>
While the advent of fast fashion has made it easier to enjoy a variety of fashion styles, the economic burden of keeping up with trends and the environmental burden of disposing of large quantities of out-of-trend clothes have become issues.
In response to these issues, we are proposing the "ELECLO", a device that allows users to change the design of their clothing without being restricted by time or place, so that they can enjoy all kinds of fashion with just one piece of clothing.
<Comment by Mr. Tanigawa>
I had to redo the device development due to durability and voltage issues, and had a hard time getting the Bluetooth communication connection to work as I wanted. In the future, I would like to continue challenging myself with passion and conviction, aiming to develop products that will enrich people's lives and make everyone laugh.

(Publication date: March 30, 2021)