Prof. SAITO Hiroshi, Senior Associate Professor in Computer Organization Laboratory at the University of Aizu and his team has successfully taken a black bear photo to use,
"Wildlife Detection System" which can recognize the image and automatically chases away with a siren and strong light.
This project is commissioned work from Fukushima Prefecture and under in field trial with FaBo, Inc.()
which provide equipment and manufacturing.

More details are following.
Detection date: Tuesday, November 24, 2020, at 0:31.
Location: Nagai-District, Aizu-Bange Town, Fukushima Prefecture
Overview of Wildlife Detection System :
The installation equipment automatically takes pictures of moving objects,
and the AI recognizes whether a black bear or not, and if it is a black bear,
it chases the black bear away with a strong light and a siren sound.

Then, the Haunt information reports the registered users via the server.


Images of black bears captured by the "Wildlife Detection System"


Some of the videos taken by the trail camera. Click on the image to download the video.

※These results were obtained through a demonstration project commissioned by the Aizu Regional Development Bureau of Fukushima Prefecture.