MDPI Electronics published a study led by Mr. Camilo Arévalo, a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Prof. Julián Villegas() of the University of Aizu, with collaboration of Mr. Yuta Kariyado, a M.Sc. student of the same laboratory. The paper, published on Fab. 8, 2022, introduces a virtual reality tool for the exploration of auralized three-dimensional cellular automata. The paper also provides insights into the difference between the exploration of three-dimensional cellular automata using technologies like head-mounted displays and traditional explorations via regular desktop computers.



Details of the paper:
Name of Journal: MDPI Electronics
Special Issue: "Virtual Reality and Scientific Visualization"
Paper Title:Virtual Reality Tool for Exploration of Three-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Authors: Camilo Arévalo (Ph.D. student at the Computer Arts Laboratory),
Yuta Kariyado (Master student at the Computer Arts Laboratory), and
Julián Villegas (Computer Arts Laboratory).

Date of publication: 8 Feb. 2022
Link to publication:

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