The Aizu Geek Dojo (AGD) has been renewed as a "development and exchange space" with a seminar area and workshop area. The renewal was made by a Grant Donation from the "Regional Venture Creation Support Foundation" (Representative Regent, Mr. KURIBAYASHI Hisashi) (※1).

To commemorate this renewal, the Aizu Geek Dojo Opening Ceremony was held on Thursday, September 29.

Guests from the Regional Venture Creation Support Foundation and construction officials were invited and celebrated the completion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Afterwards, an AGD Tour was held, and 12 students introduced their developments and demonstrated the 3D printer and the laser cutter.

IMG_1431.jpg Greeting from President MIYAZAKI

IMG_1435.jpg Greeting from Director of Center for Globalization, WILSON

IMG 1443.jpg Greeting from Representative Regent Mr. KURIBAYASHI

appreciation letter.jpg Presentation of Letter of Appreciation to RVCS

ribbon cut.jpg Ribbon cutting ceremony; From left side, President, Mr. Kuribayashi, and Mr. Sukegawa(※2

●IMG_1850.JPG Mr. Sukegawa's presentation from AGD student assistant to entrepreneurship

●IMG_1907.JPG Demonstration of the 3D printer

●IMG_1479.JPG Introduction of a Disaster experience VR (students'-developed product)

●IMG_1843.JPG Introduction of a following Robots (students' -developed product)

●IMG_1871.JPG Introduction of products made by AGD's machine tools and introduction of AGD's history

(※1) Regional Venture Creation and Support Foundation (RVCS)

The RVCS supports start-up companies to conduct stable business activities such as providing consultation on establishing a company, making a business plan, and business management.

(※2) SUKEGAWA Takuya

COO of Branchism Inc. (a venture company originating from the University of Aizu) First-year master's student at the University of Aizu. As one of the founding members of Branchism Inc., he is mainly responsible for the demonstration experiments that are important for realization of the business concept.