October 31, 2022

The Department of Students Affairs invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at the rank of associate, senior associate or full professor

the University of Aizu is now seeking an admission officer (faculty position). Among the admission-related tasks, the successful applicant will lead those concerning public relations for admissions, high-school-university relationship, entrance examination analysis, and mid-to long-term recruitment strategy planning that complies with the school conduct policy.

Qualifications・Job description

Number and ranks of faculty to be hired:

 1 (Full Professor, Senior Associate Professor, or Associate Professor)


  1. Excellent knowledge and experience of the Japanese university entrance examination system and trends in entrance examinations
  2. Practical experience in university entrance examinations at higher education institutions or the entrance examination industry.
  3. Excellent coordination, negotiation, and communication skills with internal and external parties
  4. Excellent planning and execution skills
  5. Willingness and enthusiasm to engage in recruitment and public relations activities over the long term with the understanding of the characteristics and founding principles of the University of Aizu
  6. Sufficient Japanese speaking and writing skills to perform the duties of the position (not limited to a Japanese citizen)
  7. IT-related skills (those with experience in the production and operation of websites are welcome)
  8. Candidates with a master's degree or higher (regardless of the field) would be preferred.
*English proficiency: TOEIC score of 630 or above or equivalent, with no reluctance in reading and writing English texts, including e-mail

Job description:

  1. Planning, implementation, and effectiveness evaluation of public relations for admissions
  2. Planning, preparation of materials, and PR at entrance counseling sessions, entrance exam explanatory sessions, high school visits, open campuses, etc.
  3. Mid- to long-term analysis of the university's entrance examination data in relation to increase/decrease in applicants and academic performance after enrollment
  4. Making and proposing data-based comprehensive student recruitment and public relations strategies, including those for international students
  5. Other duties related to admission
  6. Other duties as requested by the President
In addition, the faculty member may be asked to perform tasks related to IR (Institutional Research).
Note: The successful candidate will be mainly in charge of admission-related work (1 to 6 above) among the university's duties of education, research, industry-university cooperation and regional contribution, and university administration, and will belong to the Department of Student Affairs after being hired. An office or research budget will not be provided but entitled to apply for an internal/external competitive research funding.

Employment starting date: April 2023, or earliest possible after the decision is made (subject to negotiate)

Employment conditions

- Three-year tenure-track appointment followed by evaluation and tenure, if qualified, until the mandatory retirement age of 65.

- The UoA uses a discretionary working hour system for faculty members.

- Salary and rank: Commensurate with qualifications and experience according to regulations of the University of Aizu

- Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, National holidays, Summer vacation, and Year-end and New Year holidays (Dec. 29 to Jan. 3), annual paid leave

- Insurance: Japan Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers

- Pension and Severance payment systems are in place.

- A faculty housing is located about 2.5 km from the university.

Application package

  • "Application for the Faculty Position in the Department for Students Affairs" (both in Japanese and English, Form 1WORD, PDF
  • *Please list the names and contact information of two persons who can be referred to.
    *Please attach certificates of English language qualification examinations, if any.

  • Summary of work experience in university admissions (including graduate school, etc.) (approximately 1,000 characters in Japanese, any format)
  • Role you expect to play as a full-time admission officer of the university (about 2,500 characters in Japanese, any format)


Please combine all the necessary documents into one PDF and upload it here.


Please refer to the following pages as for the policies of this university before application.



The submitted personal information will be properly managed in accordance with the University's regulations on the protection of personal information and will not be used for any purposes other than this selection process.


First screening: document screening

Second screening: Interview and presentation*

* Please prepare a 30 minute presentation about the candidate, his/her work experience, and possible contribution to the University of Aizu, as well as an approximately 15-minute mock presentation in Japanese with slides for high school students at a College/University Fair to inform them of attractiveness of the University of Aizu. Both presentations need presentation slides.

Application Deadline

January 4, 2023


E-mail: adm-position[at]u-aizu.ac.jp

Prof. ZHOU, Yinghui Office for Planning and Management, the University of Aizu