At the "2023 6th International Conference on Electronics Technology (ICET)" (※1)held in Chengdu, China from May 12 to May 15, 2023, Jiangkun Wang, a 3rd grade doctoral student belonging to the Ben Abdallah & Dang Laboratory (※2) of our university, received the Best Student Paper Certificate Award.
The awarded paper is entitled "Scaling Deep-Learning Pneumonia Detection Inference on a Reconfigurable Self-Contained Hardware Platform."

This paper(※3)presents methods and architectures for scaling deep learning inference for pneumonia detection in chest X-ray images based on a reconfigurable self-contained AI-based system.
The system is based on a high-performance, low-power, reconfigurable FPGA cluster for inference, a robust collaborative learning mechanism for privacy preservation, and an interactive user interface for effective operation and monitoring.

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Left (Supervisor and Co-author: BEN ABDALLAH Abderazek), Center (Author: WANG Jiangkun), Right (Co-author: DANG Nam Khanh)

※1 2023 6th International Conference on Electronics Technology (ICET)
※2 Ben Abdallah & Dang Laboratory
※3 Awarded Paper pdf