Associate Professor YAGUCHI Yuichi(※1) have won the Excellent Lecture Award in the 21st SI Division Conference of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers(※2) held online December 16-18, 2020.

Title of lecture : A Mesoscale Meteorological Observation Using Multiple UAV ~ Path planning for 8 UAVs flight to 1200m height ~

MATSUMOTO Yoshikatsu ( East Japan Accounting Center Co., Ltd.)
NAKANO Shuzo (East Japan Accounting Center Co., Ltd.)
YAMAGISHI Kazuhiko (e-Robotics Fukushima, Co. Ltd.)
ITAHA Masayuki (e-Robotics Fukushima, Co. Ltd.)

Title of lecture : A Consideration of Security Analysis for UAS

<Comment from Associate Professor YAGUCHI>
I am very grateful to receive this award. I would also like to work together with everyone in the industry toward the social implementation of unmanned aerial vehicles. I look forward to working with you.


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(Publication date: February 2, 2021)