May 31 , 2023 

Dear students,

Class Implementation Methods, Etc. in the Second Semester of AY2023

Chairperson of the Board of Executives,
the Public University Corporation, the University of Aizu

Since the COVID-19 was downgraded to a Class V infectious disease under the Infectious Disease Control Law on May 8, 2023, the handling of classes in the second semester of AY2023 will be as follows.

Please note that the method of conducting classes may be subject to change depending on circumstances such as the outbreak of new infectious diseases in the future.

  1. Class Implementation Methods

 Classrooms will be returned to normal capacity with desks and chairs arranged without extra spaces. We will neither use the auditorium nor conduct two-room streaming classes from the second semester onward. (We will conduct classes in the same manner as until AY2019, before the pandemic.)

  1. Infection Prevention Measures

1) Classes

 In order to ensure proper ventilation, in addition to mechanical ventilation, classrooms will be ventilated at all times by opening classroom doors and windows whenever possible, etc.

2) Mask-wearing

 Mask-wearing will be optional, in principle. However, this does not preclude wearing a mask on your own discretion, especially in settings where the government has indicated mask-wearing is effective.
 However, please note that there will be cases where the University may require mask-wearing for infection control measures and other reasons.

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