On December 6, 8, and 9, 2021, about 90 first-year students from Fukushima Prefectural Aizu Gakuho Junior High School visited the school to learn about the asteroid probe "Hayabusa2" project from Professor Hirohide Demura,(※1) Director of the Space Information Science Research Center(※2).

Prof. Demura talked about how Hayabusa2's mission was carried out, the research that the University of Aizu was involved in to understand the shape of Ryugu, and the made-in-Fukushima technologies (impactor that created the artificial crater, lithium-ion battery, parachute, communication equipment, etc.)
They also experienced the loud simulated sound of the launch of the H2A rocket that carried Hayabusa2 into space, and used 3D glasses to see the asteroids Itokawa and Ryugu.

Before the lecture, there was an attraction where you could search for the same asteroid as your name on a tablet PC.
There are many asteroids orbiting in our solar system that are named after Japanese people, and I was searching for the name of each one.