This is the 7th day of "Practical Development Projects 2021". Today is the start of Phase 2. Students re-defined the requirement and made functions to implement clear.

pic_2021_practical_topics_73.png pic_2021_practical_topics_74.png

In this time, the order of presentation is B->C->D->A teams.


B team focused on the visualization of supply and demand.


C team focused on the accessibility for the elderly.


D team suggested to make what you want to eat clear by interactive gourmet site.

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A team suggested the "Vegetable Gacha". It is a scenario which random selected farmer provide the vegetable.


After the presentation, Q & A session was held among students. A team was asked a question about Vegetable Gacha. Perhaps because they thought about Vegetable Gacha deeply, they answered this question smoothly.

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Mr.Sampei, Mr.Hoshino, and Mr.Yoshioka reviewed for each teams. C team received an advice that "You should think about greater worth than real world". The idea of C team is to realize the liveliness by cyberspace. If they think about worth unique to cyberspace, their idea will be improved.

The next lecture will be held on 12/6(Mon). Students will define their requirement again referring to today's feedback.