This is the 6th day of "Practical Development Projects 2021". Today is the end of Phase 1, and students demonstrate their product for customer.

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In this time, the order of presentation is A->B->C->D teams.

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A team planned to make liveness by "Local rice production and consumption" and "Subscription of rice". In their presentation, they demonstrated the crops registration screen.

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B team planned to make local community active by material matching application. In their presentation, they demonstrated the goods registration screen.

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C team planned to communicate between a wide range of generations by cyberspace. In their presentation, they demonstrated the lecture and talk room screens.

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D team planned to recommend the B-3 gourmet by B-3 gourmet site. In their presentation, they demonstrated the restaurant selection screen.

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After the presentation, Q & A session was held among students. B team was asked a question about originality of Aizuwakamatsu. They answered "This application deals with local specialty and industrial products of Aizuwakamatsu too".

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Mr.Sampei, Mr.Hoshino, and Mr.Yoshioka reviewed for each teams. In this time, student received an advice about creativity. Creativity is essential for creating new things. Students learned about creativity at "Creativity Development Studio" held on this summer, and its creativity can be used on this lecture too.

The next lecture will be held on 11/29(Mon). From the next lecture, Phase 2 will be started. Students will define their requirement again referring to today's feedback.