This is the final day of "Practical Development Projects 2021". Today is the final presentation. Each student presents their application and learning in this lecture.

n this time, the order of presentation is C->A->D->B teams.

pic_2021_practical_topics_160.png pic_2021_practical_topics_161.png pic_2021_practical_topics_162.png pic_2021_practical_topics_163.png

First presenter is C team. They presented "Kucchaberi", which is an application for promotion of region exchange for elderly people.

pic_2021_practical_topics_164.png pic_2021_practical_topics_165.png pic_2021_practical_topics_166.png pic_2021_practical_topics_167.png

Next presenter is A team. They presented "Aizu Vegetable Gacha", which is an application for promotion of marketing the Aizu vegetable.

pic_2021_practical_topics_168.png pic_2021_practical_topics_169.png pic_2021_practical_topics_170.png pic_2021_practical_topics_171.png

Next presenter is D team. They presented "Food Consultant", which is an application for suggestion what user want to eat.

pic_2021_practical_topics_172.png pic_2021_practical_topics_173.png pic_2021_practical_topics_174.png pic_2021_practical_topics_175.png

Last presenter is B team. They presented "Aizu outlet", which is an application for trading the second-hand goods.

After the presentation, Q & A session was held. D team received a question about a problem of exchange of opinions within the team. They hesitated to exchange of opinions until being friendly each other. They learned the importance of exchange of opinions freely.

pic_2021_practical_topics_176.png pic_2021_practical_topics_177.png pic_2021_practical_topics_178.png pic_2021_practical_topics_179.png

Each students demonstrated their application for customers.

pic_2021_practical_topics_180.png pic_2021_practical_topics_181.png

In the Miro dashboard, The reviews of applications were gathered. Overall, there were many positive opinion.

pic_2021_practical_topics_182.png pic_2021_practical_topics_183.png pic_2021_practical_topics_184.png

Customers commented for each teams.


Finally, students received the diploma of enPiT.

This concludes the course. Each team developed the application with trial and error. They faced various problems such as the difficulty of project management and conflict the opinion in each team. However, I hope they learned about the development project deeper.