This is the 11th day of "Practical Development Projects 2021". Today, students organized their system specifications for design and implementation.


In this time, the order of presentation is B->C->D->A teams.


B team demonstrated the posting function.

pic_2021_practical_topics_127.png pic_2021_practical_topics_128.png

C team explained the "Kucchaberi function" using presentation slide.

pic_2021_practical_topics_129.png pic_2021_practical_topics_130.png

D team suggested the arranging a taxi function and friend function in addition to recommendation function.


A team organized the way of operation their system.


After the presentation, Q & A session was held among students. C team was asked a question about the relation between system and medical care. They answered that this system deals with not medical care unique to Aizuwakamatsu but general medical care. They will discuss about its details.

pic_2021_practical_topics_133.png pic_2021_practical_topics_134.png pic_2021_practical_topics_135.png

Mr.Sampei, Mr.Hoshino, and Mr.Yoshioka reviewed for each teams. B team received an advice about providing necessary information. It is important for good matching to add more detailed information not only "I need *** woods" but also "What is the kind?" and "What is the purpose?".

The next lecture will be held on 1/17(Mon). In the next lecture, the Phase 3 demonstration will be held. Students will demonstrate their application for customer.