This is the 10th day of "Practical Development Projects 2021". Today is the start of Phase 3. Students re-defined the requirement and made functions to implement clear.


In this time, the order of presentation is A->B->C->D teams.

pic_2021_practical_topics_113.png pic_2021_practical_topics_114.png pic_2021_practical_topics_115.png

A team thought about the worth for consumer, producer, and store.


B team thought about the worth for supply, demand, and management side.

pic_2021_practical_topics_117.png pic_2021_practical_topics_118.png

C team thought about the worth for elder, youth, and supporter.

pic_2021_practical_topics_119.png pic_2021_practical_topics_120.png

D team explained the flow of interaction using screen images. They considered a function to ask questions that fit the user's trend.


After the presentation, Q & A session was held among students. A team was provided some ideas about the winning and losing of Vegetable Gacha. For example, there are ideas of "If gift includes 3 recipes, it is defined as win." or "Non-standard vegetable is defined as lose.".

pic_2021_practical_topics_122.png pic_2021_practical_topics_123.png pic_2021_practical_topics_124.png

Mr.Sampei, Mr.Hoshino, and Mr.Yoshioka reviewed for each teams. B team advised about the contribution point. It is important for making liveness to consider about the worth of contribution point for users.

The next lecture will be held on 1/4(Tue). Students will clarify the functions to implement.