(1) Examinations

  1. Regular Examinations

    Regular examinations shall be conducted during a specified period at the end of the academic term. (Depending on the courses, examinations, quizzes, etc. shall be conducted whenever necessary.)

    The examinations shall be conducted in the form of written examinations, oral examinations, thesis (report) submissions, practical exercises, practical applications, etc. (See the relevant course syllabi.)

    In cases where a student fails to attend a minimum of two thirds of the actual class sessions for a particular course, as a matter of principle, the student is not eligible to take the examination for the course.

  2. Makeup Examinations

    If a student fails to take a regular examination for any of the reasons set forth in the UoA Guidelines for the Handling of Student Absence the student may take a makeup examination.

    The student must report their absence by submitting a "Request for Excused Absence" to the Academic Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division before the regular examination.

    In addition, the students must submit a request for a makeup examination, a "Request for Permission to Take a Makeup Examination" with the documents prescribed in the guidelines (a medical certificate issued by a doctor in the case of illness, documents that can prove the reasons for the absence for cases other than illness, etc.) to the Academic Affairs Division.

  3. Re-examinations
    Students who are given a "D" grade for a course can request their instructor for a re-examination. However, whether a re-examination will be conducted or not is entirely at the discretion of the instructor.
Notes regarding examinations
  1. Students must follow the instructions of proctors.
  2. Students must put their Student ID on their desk during examinations.
  3. Should a student commit an inappropriate act during the examinations, the grade for all the courses the said student has been enrolled in shall be "F," and based upon the University Regulations, the said student may be subject to disciplinary punishment.

(2) Grading

Grades shall be evaluated by judging a combination of examination results, general performance, attendance, and other factors. Passing grades shall be over 50 out of 100 points, and the prescribed units of academic credits shall be allotted.

The University has adopted the "Grade Point Average (GPA)," a global standard method for academic performance assessment at universities. GPAs are important figures for assessment of students' academic performance and background at the time of job-seeking activities, application for scholarship programs, application for exemption of tuitions, etc.

Grades shall be given according to points earned for the course, as described in the following chart.

Grade Points Judgment GP(Grade Point)
A 80~100 Pass 4.0
B 65~79 3.0
C 50~64 2.0
D 35~49 Non-pass 0
F Below 34

*1 If a student does not attend two-thirds of the total class sessions for the courses, or do not take examinations, the student's grade for the course shall be "F"

*2 If a student's academic performance for a course is assessed as a "D" grade, a "C" grade (50 points maximum) may be awarded through re-examination in the cases where the student applies for, and takes a re-examination.

*3 For students who receive "non-pass" grades for courses, re-taking of the relevant courses is necessary for acquisition of academic credits in or after the following semester.

(3) GPA

The calculation formula shall be as follows:

GPA = 4.0×A + 3.0×B + 2.0×C
Total possible credits for courses officially taken, INCLUDING those for courses assessed as "Non-pass (D/F)"
A: The number of credits earned for courses assessed as "A"
B: The number of credits earned for courses assessed as "B"
C: The number of credits earned for courses assessed as "C"
*1 GPA will be calculated and truncated to two decimal places.
*2 All courses students have officially registered for shall be included in calculation of a GPA.
*3 As for authorized academic credits, which have been admitted by AY 2020, GP shall be 4.0. Academic credits which will be authorized after AY 2021 will apply the prior earned GP and only courses the students earned at the University of Aizu prior to admission to the University of Aizu and External Presentation / Publication of Extracurricular Activity Course shall be covered.
*4 With regard to courses offered until March 31, 2008, courses assessed as "non-pass" shall not be included in the "Total possible credits for courses officially taken" for calculation of GPA.
*5 In the case that a course has been re-taken, the most recent grade will be used for calculation of GPA.(*INCLUDING those for courses assessed as "Non-pass (D/F/Non-pass)")

(4) Grade Reports

Grades shall be available for confirmation through the Academic Administration System.
In addition, the University notifies students' results of academic performance for the academic year every March, the end of an academic year, to their guardians or guarantors in order to fulfill one of the University's responsibilities. Students who have objections to notification of their grades to guardians should submit claims to the Student Affairs Division by the designated date. If no claims are made, students will be regarded as having agreed with provision of their grade information to their guardians.

(5) Handling of Grade Information

Grades are personal information and shall be handled carefully. However, for the purposes described below, the relevant information will be shared with relevant faculty members:

  • When faculty members use information regarding grades for the purpose of provision of curriculum advice
  • When faculty members use information regarding grades for the purpose of other educational reasons