Universities and Junior Colleges Which Belong to Academia Consortium Fukushima

  • The University of Aizu
  • Iryo Sosei University
  • Koriyama Women's University
  • Nihon University - College of Engineering
  • Higashi Nippon International University
  • Fukushima College
  • Fukushima Medical University
  • Fukushima University
  • the University of Aizu Junior College Division
  • Iwaki Junior College
  • Koriyama Women's College
  • Sakura-no-Seibo Junior College
  • Fukushima College Junior College Division
  • Fukushima National College of Technology
  • the Open University of Japan

For Students of the Partner Universities

Application Method

Apply at the section in charge of academic affairs at the university where you are enrolled. The students' desired courses will be officially applied to the University of Aizu through their home academic institutions, etc.

  • For the courses of the 1st semester(Q1,Q2) - Friday, March 3
  • For the courses of the 2st semester(Q3,Q4) - Thursday, August 10

※Application deadline for academic institutions are set separately. Please confirm application deadlines with the relevant administrative contact to make sure the application is submitted before the deadline.

Courses Offered at the University of Aizu

For Students of This University

Students of the University of Aizu can attend courses offered by member universities/junior colleges of Academia Consortium Fukushima.
The period of mutual acceptance by the partner universities is as follows, but we will close the on-campus acceptance approximately one week before the deadline.
If you wish to take courses at a partner institution, please contact the Academic Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Division well in advance.

  • For the courses of the 1st/full semester - Friday, March 24
  • For the courses of the 2st semester - Friday, August 25

Details concerning inter-university academic credit transfer are provided for in Article Twenty-Seven of the "Ruling on the University of Aizu" and the "University of Aizu Regulation on Handling of Matters Related to Mutual Recognition of Academic Credits Between Universities."

(To sign up for courses offered by other member universities/junior colleges, please confirm courses available through their web sites.)