Class periods for the University are as follows:

1st period 9:00~9:50
2nd period 9:50~10:40
3rd period 10:50~11:40
4th period 11:40~12:30
5th period 13:20~14:10
6th period 14:10~15:00
7th period 15:10~16:00
8th period 16:00~16:50
9th period 17:00~17:50
10th period 17:50~18:40
11th period 18:50~19:40
The class schedule is based on class sessions comprised of two to four periods (per day) and 14 class sessions are planned per quarter/semester.
Quarter-length courses
Classes are conducted on Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays.
Semester-length courses
Classes are conducted on Wednesdays.

Please be aware that there are some exceptions, such as courses conducted on an irregular schedule, as well as intensive courses, which are conducted over a short period. Please carefully check the class schedule of each course.