Proper Management of Information by Students Working as SA/TA/RA

Students working as SAs/TAs/RAs are strongly requested to pay attention to proper management of information concerning confidential and personal matters which they may have access to in the performance of their duties, given that leakage of confidential or personal information of the University will damage the credibility of the University.
For serious cases of information leakage, students involved in such cases will be given punishment in accordance with the University Ruling and/or the Graduate School Ruling.

About Personal Information:
Personal information refers to information related to a person's life including his/her name and date of birth, ect., by which a specific person can be identified.
Individuals who handle personal information in the performance of their duties are legally bound to securely handle such information, and are prohibited to divulge information they may have access to in the performance of their duties to third parties without due process, or to use such information for inappropriate purposes.

1 Taking out information from the University

In principle, documents, media, etc. containing confidential and personal information must not be taken outside the University. If taking out information from the University is necessary for inevitable reasons, permission to do so must be obtained from faculty members responsible for management of relevant information. Extreme care should be taken for prevention of leakage when handling confidential information and personal information taken from the University after due permission is granted.

2 Sending out undisclosed information outside of the University via e-mail

It is technically possible to monitor/intercept e-mails sent over the Internet.
Also, it is possible that e-mails may be sent to third parties by mistake. Before sending e-mails over the Internet, please take necessary protective measures, such as setting of passwords on the relevant information. Passwords should be notified to the other party by other means, separate from the sent e-mail.

3 Security measures for personal computers used outside of the University

Please make sure that antivirus software has been installed on personal computers used outside the University, and that pattern files (virus definition files) of the software have been updated to the latest version.
In addition, please apply the latest fix programs to reduce vulnerabilities of operating systems, etc.
Please also set passwords so that confidential information and personal information can be disclosed only to authorized personnel.

4 File-exchange software (e.g. Winny, etc.)

Most of the recent information leakage cases were caused by computer virus infection on personal computers with file exchange software used outside the University.
Please make sure that file exchange software has not been installed on personal computers used outside the University.