Before students admitted in Spring AY2020

The Doctoral Program does not offer any official lectures. Only research guidance under the name "research courses" is offered. A research course comprises of special seminars and special research.

After students admitted in Autumn AY2020

The Doctoral Program offers any official lectures and research "research courses".

Special Seminars

( Integrated into Research Seminar Ⅲ for after students Admitted in Autumn AY2020)

Students are expected to acquire specialized knowledge through reading of academic papers and discussions and to receive advanced training in research methodologies under the guidance of a group of faculty members affiliated to each field of study.

Special Research

(Integrated into Research Seminar Ⅲ for after students Admitted in Autumn AY2020)

Students' doctoral dissertation themes are determined through consultation with the Students' research advisors. Students conduct research and complete their doctoral dissertation under the guidance of their research advisors.

  • Students will be supervised by a research advisor and, if necessary, a secondary research advisor.
  • As one of the methods of conducting research subjects (research guidance), we have a special training program that allows students to conduct research at research facilities outside of the university.
  • Another method of implementation is the Creation Workshop, a virtual laboratory with multiple instructional systems.

Research Seminars Ⅲ

(After students addmitted in Autumn AY2020)