With the environment around students changing so dramatically in recent years, students are now being asked to decide how they will live their lives. In order for students acquire the ability to act independently and choose their future, they will need to engage in career design. The University offers two courses to help them do this: Career Design I (for 1st to 3rd-year undergraduates) and Career Design II (for 3rd-year undergraduates and-1st year master's students). 3rd-year undergraduates and 1st-year master's students are also offered a series of Career Guidance sessions to help them think about their career paths after graduation.

(1) Office for Employment Support

Next to the vending machines on the 2nd floor of Student Hall
Career library, career and employment counseling, job application and resume proofreading and advice, interview preparation and practice, small talk, etc.
0242-37-2790((Direct Line)
0242-37-2515(Student Support Section)
career@u-aizu.ac.jp(Send requests for consultations to this email address.)

(2) Employment Information

For information on internships, industry seminars, company information sessions, civil service, and more, please visit our Employment Portal. Employment Portal
For more information on campus employment events, visit the Campus Employment Events page. Campus Employment Events page

(3) Career Guidance

At Career Guidance sessions, visiting lecturers and other advisors provide students the advice they need to chose a career path. (Topics: Career choices, self-analysis (aptitude tests), internships, civil service examinations, etc.)

[1st Session]
Wendesday, April 19, 2023
17:00 - 18:40

(1) Making Career DecisionsMaterial

【2nd Session】
Wendesday, April 26, 2023
17:00 - 18:40
(1) Internship Guidance
(2) "the University of Aizu Career Support System (Caritas UC)" Registration Session and Lecture on Use

【3rd Session】
Wendesday, May 10, 2023
17:00 - 18:40
Internship Report Session


【4th Session】
Wendesday, May 17, 2023
17:00 - 18:40
How to find the internship much for you( Material)

【5th Session】
Wendesday, May 24, 2023
17:00 - 18:40
Pre-internship ChecksMaterial)

【6th Session】
Wendesday, June 14, 2023
17:00 - 18:40
Lecture on Public Service Material

(4) Career Design Courses

[Career Design I]

First Semester
Target Students:
1st to 3rd-year undergraduates

Students will learn about their lifestyle, workstyle, strengths and weaknesses, the abilities demanded by society, how society works, and the issues of society through group work, discussions with industry professionals, and more.

*See the syllabus for details about the course.syllabus

[Career Design II]

Second Semester
Target Students:
3rd-year undergraduate students (1st-year master's students are eligible to audit the course.)

Students will learn about the job hunting process in general through exercises and practices. Students will receive guidance on efficient, effective, and practical job hunting.
By simply taking this class, you can complete all of the basic preparations for job hunting. Students who wish to seek employment should make sure to take this course.

*See the syllabus for details about the course.Syllabus

◎Students will receive information on the latest social, industrial, and corporate trends to help them broaden their perspectives and make forward-looking career decisions. Classes will include the following content:

  • Self-analysis Methods That Will Help in Real-world Job Hunting
  • Filling Job Applications
  • Taking Written Tests
  • Handling Interviews
  • Reports from Alumni Who Got Jobs
  • Industry Study Sessions with Company HR Managers and UoA Alumni
  • Mock Interviews, Etc.

Starting in March, we will be holding campus job fairs where students can speak directly with company HR managers officers without the trouble of actually visiting the company. At the event, students can feel free to ask questions they may be too afraid to ask during an interview. In this and other ways, students who attend can gather more information than they could otherwise.

(5) Job Posting Search / Alumni Testimonials (Career+ UC)

You can search for jobs open to UoA students through Career+ UC.
You can also view job hunting testimonials of UoA alumni.

Career+ UC
the University of Aizu Career Support System
※*For user ID and password, click here.

(6) Certificates

See below for information on certificates and other documents you may need during job hunting.

【Available Certificates】

The following certificates (in Japanese and English) for the programs you are enrolled in can be issued from the automatic certificate machine at the Student Affairs Division. 

Certificate of Expected Graduation/Completion (*Available from April)
Certificate of Health Checkup (*Available from the end of June)

For graduate students requiring certificates from the undergraduate school should file a request at the Student Affairs Division (The automatic certificate machine cannot issue this certificate.).

 <How to Request Certificates, Etc.>
 *Download and fill out a Certificate Request Form and submit it to the Student Affairs Section.
 *Your certificates will be available to pick up at the Student Affairs Division counter by the afternoon of the next business day.

Certificcate Request【For Current Students】     

【Letters of Recommendation】

If you need a letter of recommendation, first please consult with the Office for Employment Support (OES) before requesting a letter at the Student Affairs Division counter. Letters can usually issued from June 1 of each year. If a company asks you to submit the letter earlier than this date, please explain to the company that the University cannot issue the letter before this date.

1) Fill out a Request for Letter of Recommendation in the Academic Affairs System and export the completed form as a PDF.
 2) Print the PDF out and have your supervisor sign and seal it.
 3) Submit the completed form to the Student Affairs Division counter.
 *You will be able to print the letter from the automatic certificate machine at the Student Affairs Division as soon as the afternoon of the next business day.


◆ The University only issues printed certificates. We do not issue digital certificates (e.g. PDFs).
◆ We generally do not issue certificates in sealed envelopes, as all certificates are printed on counterfeit-proof paper.
  Please contact the Student Affairs Section in case you are required by the submission destination to submit the certificate, etc. in envelope strictly sealed.

(7) Job Hunting Subsidies:The UoA Support Association Project for Supporting Transportation and Accommodation Expenses for Job Seeking Activities

The University of Aizu Support Association subsidizes part of transportation and accommodation expenses incurred in job hunting.
The subsidies cover transportation and accommodation expenses incurred during company information sessions and/or employment examinations. They do not cover transportation and other expenses associated with internships.
To receive the subsidies, you must submit an application form along with receipts for transportation/accommodation expenses.

*Students may apply only once during enrollment. There is an upper limit of 10,000 yen. *The subsidies are available only for undergraduates. They cover activities conducted in the third and fourth years of undergraduate study.

(8) Employment by University Recommendation

If you wish to apply for employment by university recommendation, please consult with the Office for Employment Support (make an appointment by e-mail). At the consultation session, we will help you fill a Request for University Recommendation after reviewing the available job postings.