1. Subsidy Program for Students Attending Conferences


  • Subsidizing travel expenses for students attending a conference to make a paper presentation (Recommendation of research advisors is REQUIRED.)
Eligible conferences
  • Overseas conference(※Refereed paper REQUIRED)
  • Domestic conference
  • Online conference
Eligible students
  • Undergraduate & graduate school students
Payment method
  • One-off subsidy per student during his/her enrollment at the UoA (either in the undergraduate or graduate school)
  • The fund will be transferred to individual students' bank account.
Amount of subsidy
<Overseas conference> The fixed amount of 40,000 yen per applicant
<Domestic conference> A prescribed amount by the venue *Details is here
<Online conference> The amount of 40,000 yen(However, if the amount is less than 40,000 yen, that amount(rounded down to the nearest hundred yen))
Application to other subsidy programs

<Overseas conference,Online conference> Applicants can apply for this subsidy program along with other subsidy programs for an overseas conference, including a subsidy with research funding for faculty, etc.
<Domestic conference> Applicants must NOT apply for this subsidy program along with any other subsidy programs for a domestic conference
*It is impossible to make up for the deficit from research funds.

Unacceptable application
  • Any applications with an itinerary including a destination irrelevant to the purpose of the travel are NOT accepted.
  • AIZU ZAIDAN might terminate the distribution of the grant in the middle of a fiscal year to stay within a set budget.

2. Application Procedures

Please take note of the items indicated below to prepare and submit all the necessary documents to the Administrative Office by the submission deadline.
(*Please see the "Sample" for details to prepare the application documents.)


Submission deadline
  • SIX(6) WEEKS before the date of departure to the conference
Application documents
  1. Application form
  2. Summary of the conference and research
  3. Recommendation letter by the research advisor
  4. Photocopy of the conference program, etc. (Website, Program, etc.)
  5. Letter/e-mail of acceptance for paper presentation at the conference
  6. Abstract of the paper (one A4-size page)
  7. Photocopy of the full text of the paper (in original language)
  8. Photocopy of your bankbook
Application form
(overseas conference)
Application Form: Word PDF Sample: PDF
Application form
(domestic conference)
Application Form: Word PDF Sample: PDF
Notice of Acceptance
  • Applicants are notified of review results four or five weeks after making applications.
  • Documents written in English must be accompanied by Japanese translation, excluding (7) and (8) above.
  • Use of white-out (correction fluid) is NOT acceptable.

3. Submission of Report

After attending conferences, a report must be submitted. Please prepare all the required documents and submit them by following the rules described below to the Administrative Office.
(*Please see "Sample" files for details of required documents.)
(*Every form must be completed in Japanese.)


Report submission deadline
  • Within A MONTH after attending a conference
What to submit
  1. Report form
  2. Written explanation on achievements attained by attending the conference
  3. Photos of the presentation at the conference
  4. Materials given at the Conference
Report form
(overseas conference)
Report Form: Word PDF Sample: PDF
Report form
(domestic conference)
Report Form: Word PDF Sample: PDF
  • AIZU ZAIDAN might request some students to make an oral report at a debriefing session at a later date.


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