1. University Residence the Somei House

The Somei House, established in 2011, has served for the purpose of supporting students from all over Japan and the world by helping them raise their social awareness and cooperativeness through communal living, and raising their motivation to study so that they can go through their student life in a smoother manner.

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Interior Image

Address 90 Kami-iawase, Tsuruga, Ikki-machi, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima, 965-0006
*ZIP code is different from that of the Univiersity
Campus map
Building Reinforced concrete 4 Floors
Photovoltaic systems built on the roof of the building supply part of electricity used in the residence.
Capacity 80 students (Male 70, Female 10) excluding SRA (Somei House Resident Assistant)
Eligible students to apply 1st-year students of the undergraduate school
International students except receiving scholarship by government
*If number of applications exceed the capacity, the university select students among them.
Length of living Maximum 1 year
April Admission April 1 - March 15
October Admission October 1 - September 15
Room <Single Room>
Size : 10㎡
Equipped furniture : Air conditioner, desk, chair, wardrobe, internet connection
*Rooms for disabled person are available
<Twin Room>
Size : 10㎡ or 12
Equipped furniture : air conditioner, desk, chair, wardrobe, internet connection
Equipment in Communal Spaces Shower(no bath tub), toilets, wash basins,kitchen, refrigerator, TV, microwave oven, rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, wash/dry machine
Fees Rent 19,000 JPY (single room), 10,500 JPY (twin room)
Utilities / month 10,000 JPY (single room), 9,000 JPY (twin room)
Room cleaning fee

18,000 JPY

*Fee for internet connection is included in the boarding fee.
*Room cleaning fee is nonrefundable fee for the cleaning of individual residence rooms and curtains upon move-out.
*Rent and Utility fee may be revised even in the middle of the annual period due to high prices and fuel costs.

Meals Self catered(=no meals included) *Residents are allowed to cook in the kitchen or use the university cafeteria.
SRA Somei House Resident Assistant(SRA) lives in every unit. SRA supports other residents of their campus life and organize events of the residence.
Note The Somei House is managed by the University of Aizu and no professors/staff of the University resides in.

2. Apartments, Boarding Houses

Standard rents in Aizuwakamatsu City are as follows:
*The University does not mediate private flat. Please contact real-estate agency directly.

Types of housing Rental fee (per month) Main equipments
Apartment ¥30,000 - ¥50,000(*1) With kitchen, bath and toilet

The following matters are worthy of special attention.

  • Costs incurred when renewing or terminating a contract mid-term
  • A guarantor is needed to finalize a rental contract(*2)
  • To keep your contract and receipt for your deposit and key money safely
  • Payment of utility bills such as electricity, gas and water
  • Handling of rent and board during long periods of absence
  • Distance from the University and means of transportation
    (Please remember to consider transportation to and from the University during periods of snowfall. Commuting by car is permitted.)

(*1)Besides rental fee, it is general to pay a rental deposit, key money and real estate agent's fee in case you finalize a rental contract in Japan. Details are noted as below.

(*2)The University provides the system to be a joint and several guarantor for international students' rental housing.
For details, please see "Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan" shown below.

Payment method
Types of fee Amount required Description
Deposit 1 or 2 months' rent Deposit to cover unpaid rent and facility repairs.The owner may apply this deposit to repairs of the premises and furnishings when the tenant moves out. The remaining balance is refundable to the tenant.
Key money 1 or 2 months' rent A temporary payment made to the owner when you rent a room. Not always charged. Please note that it is not refundable.
Real estate agent's fee 1 month's rent Intermediary fee paid to the real estate agent.

Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan

In Japan, a guarantor is required when renting private flat. This insurance is essential when the University co-sign rental agreement.
For more details, please contact the Student Support Section.

Period of Indemnity 1 year 2 years
Premium ¥ 4,000 ¥ 8,000