2018-19 University of Aizu Spatial Media Group Public Lecture;
平成19年度会津大学スぺーシャル メディア グループ公開講座講演

Safecast: “One School - One Sensor” Program;
セーフキャスト: 「ワン・スクール、ワン・センサー」プログラム

Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018: 10–12 AM & 1–4 PM;
12月 9日 (日曜), 10–12 AM & 1–4 PM (bento lunch provided at midday)

HDW3: Hardware Exercize Room (Research Building, #209), University of Aizu;
会津大学 研究棟 HDW3: ハードウェア実験室 (#209) plus North & South Lounges; 北ラウンジ、南ラウンジ and S2 (#275)

Sponsors: University of Aizu Public Relations Section and CLSA

Participation fee; 受講料: ¥1,000; 1,000円 (waived for junior-high and high school students; 中学生・高校生は無料), including lunch.
Reservations: See bottom of http://u-aizu.ac.jp/public/openclass/publec/2018publec.html.

Abstract; 抽象

Safecast is a global volunteer-centered citizen science project working to empower people with data about their environments.

We are working with a team of Safecast experts to run two concurrent workshops, this one and another. The contents of this one, which is more technical and a couple hours longer than the other, focuses on “hands-on” assembly of bGeigie radiation meters, which will be permanently deployed at the University of Aizu after the workshop.
私たちはSafecastの専門家チームと共同で、この2つの同時ワークショップを実施しています。 この技術内容は、技術的にも数時間も長く、作業現場で会津大学に永久に設置されているbGeigie放射計の「実践的な」組み立てに重点を置いています。

The duration is about 5 or 6 hours (plus a midday break, when bento lunch-boxes will be provided for participants):

         (The other parallel workshop is a more general introduction to citizen science and radiation measurement.)

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This page: http://u-aizu.ac.jp/~mcohen/spatial-media/koukaikouzas/2018-19/Safecast/bGeigie.html