Aizu-wakamatsu has a lot of wonderful sight-seeing spots. If you have difficulties to visit these spots in Aizu, you can enjoy some of them using this page. Let's go any sight-seeing areas of Aizu in www.

Tsurugajo Castle

The Tshuregajyo castle remained thorough severe battles for a month in Boshin Civil War in 1868, and this made it known as the great castle all over Japan. It was once demolished in 1874, but reconstruced in 1965. Now it is a museum and a lot of precious artifacts are displayed inside.


The Nisshinkan is a clan school at which the members of the "Byakkotai" were educated.

Iimoriyama Hill

Iimoriyama Hill is one of historic places in the city, where a troop of teenage soldiers committed mass ritual suicide during the Boshin civil war.

Byakkotai Memorial Hall

Byakkotai Memorial Hall contains a rich collection of articles and documents associated with the war.

Aizu Buke-Yashiki

A large complex of reconstructed samurai houses and museums, well illustrate the history, traditional industry and culture of the city.

Fukushima Museum

A first-rate museum relating the history, nature, archaeology, and arts of Fukushima prefecture from primitive times to the present. The museum is located on the east side of Tsurugajo Castle.


Goshiki-numa is a collective name for ten odd marshes, large and small, with water surfaces vivid with a variety of mystical colors. The marshes are interconnected by a boardwalk.

Noguchi Memorial Hall

This hall is the birthplace of Hideyo Noguchi, an internationally-famed medical scholar as well as a man of great character who devoted himself to the research of yellow fever in Africa.

Aizu Sake Historical Museum

The 200 year process of brewing is displayed with models in this museum.

Yamada Lacquer Ware Exhibition Hall

The art of making lacquer ware is demonstrated in the workshop located in the hall.

Oyakuen Garden

The another house of The Daimyo which is famous for its garden.


Aizumura has the huge statue (57-m) of Aizu Jibo Kannon in beautiful and large garden.

Ouchi Juku

This town retains the old-time ambience of a post wown along the former Aizu-Nishi Highway.

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