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Division of Information Systems , School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Aizu
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Pattern Processing Lab, School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Aizu
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Dr. Jungpil Shin is a professor of School of Computer Science and Engineering, The University of AIZU and Supervisor of Pattern Processing Lab, The University of AIZU. He is serving to the University of AIZU as an academician since 1999.

His current research interests are pattern recognition, HCI (Human Computer Interaction), image processing, computer vision, and medical diagnosis. He is currently doing research on developing algorithms and systems for Non-Touch input interfaces to recognize and identify the Human and Gesture, Non-touch character input system based on hand tapping gestures, Gesture based non-touch flick character input system, automatic diagnosis and clinical evaluation of neurological movement disorders disease, lung disease prediction and diagnosis using advanced image processing and machine intelligence techniques.

Past two decades, he has done several researches on Recognition and Identification of human and gesture, Object tracking, Retrievals of information in the area of image processing, HCI and pattern recognition and using different smart devices like Cameras, Kinect sensors, Leap motions. In the field of pen computing hand writing research, he has done several researches including Stroke order and number free Character recognition (Japanese and Korean), Oriental brush implementation (3D virtual brush), Signature verification, Font generation (Handwriting synthesis with one's style, Cursive style and Block style), Laser handwritten character Recognition, 3D character recognition, Writer verification and identification, and Kanji (Chinese characters) learning system.

Dr. Shin has conducted over 20 competitive research projects funded by Japanese Ministry, International Cooperation, and the University of Aizu, and over 3 collaborative research projects with the industry. From his research outcome, he has published more than 70 peer-reviewed articles in journals and book chapters, also he has participated more than 120 national and international conferences. There are one post-doc, two Ph.D. theses, and several M.Sc. theses under his supervision related to Pattern Recognition, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Vision disciplines, and movement disorder disease diagnosis. Also, he is a member of the ACM, the IEICE, the IPSJ, the KISS, and the KIPS.