Course Project Descriptions

The following are the information for the course projects for my Operating Systems and Language Processing courses. Unless otherwise noted, the information is common to both courses. The course specific information is labeled as OS and LP, for the Operating Systems and Language Processing courses, respectively.

Important Dates

Team Registration Oct 12
Project Type Selection Oct 19

Project Team

Form a team of three students and register your team by the following way. If you have difficulty in finding a team mate, please contact the instructor immediately. To register your team, send an email message to (OS) or (LP). Set the subject of the message as "OS07 PROJECT" (OS) and "LP07 PROJECT" (LP). Write the members of your team in the message body, one member in each line and place the team leader on the first line. Each line consists of three parts, separated by a comma (,): email_address, first_name, last_name . The following example shows a message header and body for registering the team of Yamada, Tanaka and Suzuki for the OS course project.

Subject: OS07 PROJECT, taro, yamada, jiro, tanaka, saburo, suzuki
The deadline for the team registration is Oct 12.

Project Types

Your team work on either (1) survey or (2) programming (experiment) project. For the survey project, you will collect the information from articles on the technical magazines or academic journals and/or web and other medium. For the programming project, you may write experimental programs related to the course subject. More details, including suggested project problems, will be posted on this page later. However, your team may start looking for the possible project topic now and consult with the instructor if the topic is acceptable for the project. The deadline for the project type selection is Oct 19.

Team List

Project Type Registration

By Oct 19 5pm, please register the project type of your team as follows. Send a null (empty) message to either (OS) or (LP) with subject "PROJECT SURVEY" or "PROJECT EXPERIMENT" . Only the team leader may send this message. Do not send the message more than once to avoid confusion.

Project Hints

This page provides you with the information on how to proceed your course project. Revisions, additions and corrections will be made as needed.

First Progress Report

Lanuguage Processing

The first progress reports of the following teams have been accepted. Some of them should re-submit with refinement. All other teams did not follow the instructions in Exercise 5 and/or the Course Notice Board and their reports were not accepted. However, they have to re-submit the reports by November 9 if they want to continue with their projects. Each team is identified by their team ID and the name of the leader.

Accepted 1 (Moroi), 2 (Suzuki), 6 (Mizoi), 8 (Moriya), 9 (Yamagami), 10 (Yokoyama), 11 (Yoshida), 13 (Narita), 14 (Haginoya), 15 (Yamada)
(revised on Nov 9)

SPEC Benchmark Prograsm

SPEC benchmark prorams are available at Please note the access to this ftp site is restricted to domain.

Project Presentation

Around the end of this semester (exact dates are TBD), each team will make a presentation of their project results (for 15 to 20min). Presentation materials (slides and handout, if you choose to use) should be in English but the oral presentation can be in the language of your choice.

Grading Criterion

The course project takes 20% of the final course grade. Out of 20%, 5% has already been assigned to the team registration and status report(s). The rest of the project grade will be determined by the project presentation with the following criterion:
Technical contents
Relevance of the topic to the course
Understanding of the material (e.g. papers and articles used for the survey)
Correctness of the methodology
Correctness of the results, conclusion and/or criticism
Quality of the presentation materials (such as presentation slides)
Oral presentation
Organization of the presentation
Team Work
Collaboration among team members
Task distribution (i.e. contribution of each member should be equal or at least similar)


After the presentation, please submit the following items: You may submit hard copies of above items, but (in addition to the hard copies) submission of electrical files is preferred A blank media (e.g. CDROM ) can be provided if you need. If you use a USB memory, it will be returned after the submission materials have been copied.

Presentation Program

Presentation Program
Hitoshi Oi