Operating Systems: 4th Quarter, 2019

Course No.F06 (Sections C1 and C2)
Instructor: Dr. Hitoshi Oi
(Assistant Professor, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems Group.)
office: 242-C
office hours: Tuesday 1400 to 1600 or by appointment
email: hitoshi©u-aizu.ac.jp
phone: 2580
Dr Yohei Nishidate (nisidate©u-aizu.ac.jp)
Course Web Page: http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/~hitoshi/COURSES/OS19f/
Lecture Monday/Thursday, 1050 to 1230 at M4 (Lecture Hall 204)
Exercise Monday/Thursday, 1050 to 1230 at std1 (Research Quadrangles 143), for C1 by Dr Oi
at std2 (Research Quadrangles 146) for C2, by Dr Nishidate
Moodle: We use the Moodle system for the exercise problems and submission. The students who registered for this course must have received email including the account information for the moodle site. If you registered for the class but have not received email, please contact the instructor.
Textbook and Lecture Slides: This course is based on the textbook Operating System Concepts Tenth Edition by Avi Silberschatz and others. The set of lecture slides by the textbook author is available here. The set of lecture slides, prepared by Prof Vazhenin (course cordinator) is available here (access is limited from u-aizu.ac.jp).

Hitoshi Oi