Language Processing: 2nd Semester, 2007

Tentative Syllabus

Course No.#0927
Instructor: Dr. Hitoshi Oi
(Assistant Professor, Operating Systems Lab.)
office: 242-C
office hours: Wednesday 1330 - 1630 or by appointment
email: hitoshi©
phone: 2580
Course Web Page:
Lecture Thu, 0900 to 1030 at Classroom M1
Exercise Mon, 1040 to 1210 at Lab std4
Teaching Assistant Yuusuke Kobayashi
email: m5111109©

Course Notice Board

Please check this page regularly and frequently as the notice for the course will be posted on this blog (URL may change later).


From University Syllabus:
Students understand the role of language processing systems such as compilers and translators, the processing methods of languages, the importance of compilers, and the relation between theory and practice (that is, formal language theory and language processing systems).

Grading Scheme and Policies


Engineering a Compiler by Keith Cooper and Linda Torczon (Rice University, Houston, Texas),
ISBN: 1-55860-698-X, Morgan Kaufmann.
Please note that each student is required to have his/her own copy of the textbook.

Rough Schedule

The schedule will be adjusted based on progress and understanding of the class. Please check the course web page for any update. As shown above, emphasis is placed on the front-end part of the compilers in this class. However, we also cover some topic related to the back-end of the compiler (such as register allocation, intermediate representations, code shaping).

Hitoshi Oi