Exercises, Language Processing: 2nd Semester, 2005

Exercise 1

October 4 pdf, Postscript, sample solutions .

Exercise 2

Exercise problems for October 11 pdf, Postscript, sample solutions .

Exercise 3

Exercise problems for October 18 pdf, Postscript, sample solutions .
Note that, in Question 3 of this solution, the way how the final states in the converted DFA were chosen is missing, which must be clearly stated in your work (exams and execises).

Exercise 4

Exercise problems for October 25 pdf, Postscript, sample solution by TA.
Please note that, in Question 4, it is better to show that no input character splits the partition {s0, s3} more explicitly.

Exercise 5

Exercise problems for November 1pdf, Postscript, sample solutions by TA. Please note that, in top-down allocation, you should show the frequncy (number of use) of each register to clearly indicate why you have selected not to spill r0 throughout the code

Exercise 6

Exercise problems for November 8, pdf, Postscript, and template flex source. Test files: test1, test2.

Exercise 7

Exercise problems for November 22, pdf, Postscript.

Exercise 8

Exercise problems for November 29, pdf, Postscript.

Exercise 9

Exercise problems for December 6, pdf, Postscript.

Exercise 10

Exercise problems for December 13, pdf, Postscript.

Exercise 11

Exercise problems for January, 10pdf, Postscript.
For Problem 2, aabb terminates the parsing with an error. Please also try aaba as input.

Exercise 12

Problem for January 17 (pdf), (PostScript).

Exercise 13

Problem for January 24 (pdf), (PostScript).

Hitoshi Oi