System Composition

The University of Aizu Challenger Badge System is intended to visualize students' experiences and skills with badges, which will be useful to improve their skills and helpful for job hunting. This system is provided on a dedicated smartphone app.
It was developed by gathering ideas and discussing with companies, faculty members, and students, so that it can reward students in various ways and keep track of their participation in activities.


There are 3 components in the system:

  1. Server
    It controls the actions that users take in the app (e.g., finding events and organizations, receiving badges, etc.), the tasks they perform in the management function (e.g., displaying event attendee statistics), and serves as a badge pool for storing badges.
  2. App (for iPhone/Android)
    The App specializes in finding events, receiving badges, and organizing and showcasing them in a way that is visible to users. It also has social features such as the ability to follow other users and see what other users and organizations are doing.
  3. Management System (system/event management)
    It can be used by someone who creates an event, not only by the system administrator, to list participants, edit event information, and graph the attributes. Organizers can also give out badges on the screen, which is useful when they forget to give a user a badge.

Types of Badges

We currently offer the following 4 types and 5 fields of badges.
The badge will be given to students after a careful review by a panel of judges.

Gold Badge For students who have reached a high level of achievement in the world championships.
Silver Badge For students who have won a prize at the world championships, Asian Games, or 3rd place or higher at the national championships.
Bronze Badge For students who have participated in the Asian Games or won a national competition.
Coin For students who have participated in events, competitions, etc.

*Badges and Coins are digital, not physical.