Concepts of the Project

Overview of the Top Global University Project

The University of Aizu has been implementing the concept "Fostering Global ICT innovators through the combination of Spirit, Technology, and Adaptability" through out the project.
'Spirit', 'Technology', and 'Adaptability' contain the following ideas as development guidelines for the UoA.

Spirit (Entrepreneurship)

Nurturing entrepreneurship and taking on the world with ICT innovation

We promote a practical education system including professional internships in global companies and start-ups in the U.S., Europe, China, and Southeast Asia so that students can flexibly design their learning process. With this education system, students can experience a multicultural environment and get great ideas on technological innovation and start-ups for contribution to the region and the world. Moreover, students can acquire business-making capabilities in the world and build a regional identity through learning Aizu's history and culture, and Fukushima revitalization vision.

Technology (Excellent Technical Capabilities)

Cultivation of a strong competitive ability for ICT design, development, and utilization

To produce graduates with strong and international competitiveness, we have reconstructed the current education system and curriculum achieving an environment in which students can acquire basic knowledge of computer science and engineering, state-of-the-art research domain knowledge, and practical ICT skills at an advanced level. Also, students are growing as "Technology Pioneers" through global Project-Based Learning (PBL) by participating in revitalization projects with domestic and overseas researchers.

Adaptability (Adaptation to a Multicultural Environment)

Development of the capability to adapt and integrate into a multicultural environment

We have created opportunities for students to develop their adaptability to a multicultural environment. For that, we have provided classes in English as well as internal bilingual meetings. Further, a multicultural exchange environment was created including international parties with faculty and their families from over ten countries, English discussion organized by students, and English classes for administrative staff.

Basic Programs and Special Programs

We promoted four fundamental programs for realizing our vision and concepts. We also created a framework of special programs proposed by faculty members and staff to identify and solve potential problems in the field of education and administration. In addition, we established a system for the evaluation of activity participation to encourage students to proactively join extracurricular activities. Basic Programs.png

Special Programs.png

The University of Aizu Logic Plan

The University of Aizu Logic Plan is an easy-to-understand systematization of the Top Global University Project's goals and the process for achieving them. (Japanese version only)