About the Top Global University Project

The Vision of the University of Aizu

Fostering Global ICT innovators through the combination of Sprit, Technology, and Adaptability

The UoA has been practicing global education for more than 25 years based on the founding principle, "to Advanced Knowledge for Humanity". Through the Top Global University Project, we aim to further lead global education in the field of ICT in Japanese universities by promoting advanced ICT education and research, offering courses in English, and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in students.

Three Concepts of the Top Global University Project


To realize the above vision, we proposed the three concepts of "SPIRIT", "TECHNOLOGY", and "ADAPTABILITY" as the basis of this project.


What is the Top Global University Project

  • Website of the Top Global University Project
  • The Top Global University Project aims to enhance Japan's research and educational competitiveness in higher education by supporting university reforms that promote internationalization and cooperation with top overseas universities.
    (Cited from the website of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Top Global University Project")
  • A total of 37 Japanese universities are certified as Top Global Universities. These universities are divided into two types: the "Top" type, which aims to become one of the top 100 universities in the world to increase international competitiveness, and the "Global Traction" type, which drives the globalization of universities.

In September 2014, the University of Aizu was selected as a Top Global University, "Global Traction" type. Of the 37 universities selected, only two are public universities, Akita International University and the University of Aizu.