The University of Aizu provides business start-up education courses and internship programs to help students develop practical skills for the future.

  • Learning cutting-edge knowledge and experience from the world's leading researchers and entrepreneurs
  • Gaining practical experience in the field of ICT technology
  • Cultivating creativity through cooperation and exchange with people on and off campus

Through these experiences, we nurture students' start-up spirit and contribute to revitalization of Fukushima and the region.

Distinctive Courses

We developed new courses including internship program courses to improve the consistency of innovation education between the Undergraduate and Graduate School based on the existing start-up education courses.

Innovation and Start-up Education Program

The Innovation and Start-up Education Program is an academic program open to all UoA students. It nurtures students' potential of innovation and business start-up, which is one characteristic of an entrepreneur. At the UoA, students can learn not only basic knowledge of computer science and engineering but also practical skills using in various fields from the local region to the world.

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Three-Phase Internship Program: Regional, Domestic, and Overseas

At the University of Aizu, regional, domestic, and overseas internships are collectively called "Three-Phase Internship Program".


Internships of the UoA are implemented in three phases: regional, domestic, and overseas.
Students can combine these three phases freely to match their career plans, For example, they could participate in overseas programs after experience in domestic companies, or they could attend overseas internships and then work on regional projects.


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Workshops for Experiencing Start-ups "Aizu IT Nissinkan"

Start-up Basic Course (2nd to 4th year undergraduates)

Workshops for Experiencing Start-ups (2nd to 4th year undergraduates)

Workshops for ICT Global Start-ups (For Master students)

In this course, students learn basic knowledge for creating global ICT start-ups. They can get an opportunity to think about the knowledge, structure, speed, and development in an open environment necessary for global ICT start-ups.