October 20, 2023



"Internationalization of a Regional Public University and Its Community" (tentative)

The above is the title of a report meeting about the Top Global University Project, which is now in its 10th and final fiscal year. The first part of the event will be conducted in a lecture style, while the second part will be a poster session by alumni and others.

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The University of Aizu Center for Globalization has long been implementing a project to develop reconstruction talents in which international and Japanese students learn about activities aimed at recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake, in Hamadori, where efforts to revive local industry are in full swing through the use of technology.

Aizu Online Judge Video Lectures Available on JV-Campus

Video lectures on Aizu Online Judge (AOJ), the online programming learning and programming question grading system, were produced by Yutaka Watanobe Laboratory and published on JV-Campus. JV-Campus is an online international education platform developed in Japan that allows people around the world to view educational content online.

AY2023 Summer Internship Programs

[Overseas Internship Programs]

Vietnam Internship Program

Three students participated in the program from Aug. 21 to Sept. 22 and became the program's first students to actually visit Vietnam.

Student's Voice:SAKAMAKI Anri (B2)

Silicon Valley Internship Program

After 10 days of on-campus pre-training, the six participating students spent 18 days from August 29 to September 15 in Silicon Valley. While there, they developed an AI car using Jetson Nano and conducting technical exchanges with local engineers at the university's Hacker Dojo base and other co-working spaces.

Student's Voice:YATSUO Naoki (B2)

[Domestic Internship Programs]

Alps Alpine Internships

One student participated in the existing program at the Iwaki Office from September 4 to 15. Meanwhile, another student was the first to participate in a new program at the Furukawa Development Center and Sendai Development Center from August 28 to September 27.

Student's Voice:KONNO Seikuro (B3)

Cybertrust Internship

One student received training on building Linux servers using server certificates according to the company's own practical training curriculum during the program, which was held from August 31 to September 8, including both online and on-site training.

Study-Abroad Programs

Immersive English Experience for Study-Abroad Preparation Program in 2023

Twelve students attended the training program held at British Hills in Tenei Village, Iwase District from September 21 to 25. They learned about subjects including British culture and business in English and had online meetings with Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg), a partner university in Germany.