April 28, 2022

No.31 2022 Spring was issued.



<Aizu Geek Dojo relocating to bigger location>

Work is underway from March to relocate the Aizu Geek Dojo (AGD) to the relaxation room (SRLU1) on the first floor of the Research Quadrangles.

<JABEE workshop held>

On December 23, 2021, a workshop was held as part of assuring that the JABEE accreditation procedures go smoothly.


<Go Beyond 500! Campaign - Offering special charms for TOEIC scores!>

One student who achieved the score, SAKAI Yoshiki (B1), said "I think that the daily communication skills required by TOEIC can be cultivated by actively interacting with international students and professors at the University of Aizu."

<New TOEIC reference books arrive!>

Many new TOEIC reference books have arrived at the library


<IoT Dojo was a great success !!>

IoT Dojo, a development event using the ESP32 microcontroller, was held in December 2021.

<Mobility ideathon held>

An ideathon sponsored by Alps Alpine was held on January 26, 2022.

<Innovation and Start-up Education Program (ISEP) - ICT Ventures Start-up and Management offered>

In the ISEP course, 40 students learned more of the knowledge they will need to start a business through case studies.

<Buddy program event held>

An in-person buddy program event was held on Wednesday, December
15, 2021.


<ISEP completed for the first time!>

The Innovation Start-up Education Program, which can be completed by taking the courses required for certification, recently saw its first student awarded a certificate of completion.
The student, SUKEGAWA Takuya (B4)commented on the program, saying "I
think this program was great in that it elevated my usual classroom studies and tied them to entrepreneurship.


<ICT Start-up Trial start>

10 students were selected for the ICT Start-up Trial program to be conducted from March 15th to March 29th.