November 11, 2021

No.30 2021 Autumn was issued.



<Measures to Strengthen English Proficiency for UoA Students - Taking various actions to support students to improve their TOEIC scores>

As part of the measures to strengthen students' English skills, the university is actively developing various activities to encourage students to improve their TOEIC scores.

<Immersive English Experience for Study-Abroad Preparation Program in 2021>

The training was held at British Hills from September 25 to 28, with 18 participants.

<Fukushima Revitalization Support Program - Study tour to Iwaki 3.11 Memorial and Revitalization Museum and Fukushima Robot Test Field>

On August 11th, 12 international students and 9 Japanese students visited the museum.


<Internship programs - Alternative programs have been implemented>

Two training programs, the "Silicon Valley Internship Alternative Program" and the "Vietnam Internship Program," were conducted in August and September 2021.

<ICT Global Program: All-English Course - Orientation for new students held face-to-face and online>

On Saturday, October 2, an orientation was held for students enrolled in the fall of the ICTG program, with five students participating on campus and the others online.

<Voice of a graduate of the ICT Global Program: All-English Course>

We interviewed an international student from Hong Kong who graduated from the ICT Global Program: All-English Course on September 15, about his time at UoA and his future plans.