June 21, 2021

No.29 2021 Spring was issued.



<A leaflet was created!>

As one of the projects on the Top Global University Project, a leaflet was created and published in order to give a summary of the various activities that have been realized.

<Immersive English Experience for Study-Abroad Preparation Program in 2021>

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to suspend our mid-term and short-term study abroad programs for the academic year 2021, and will instead offer Immersive English Experience for Study-Abroad Preparation Program at British Hills in September and February.

<Aizu Geek Dojo Events - Learned how to use Arduino>

Arduino workshop and hackathon event "Arduino Dojo" was held on March 30-31, 2021.

<Acrylic Business Cards Workshop!>

The Aizu Geek Dojo (AGD) is currently holding a workshop (WS) during office hours to create acrylic business cards for individual students.


<Internship/Study Abroad Programs- Alternative programs have been implemented>

Two training programs: "Silicon Valley Internship Alternative Program (3/1-3/26)" and "Dalian Internship Alternative Program (3/8-3/16 & 22)" were implemented.

<Message from Director of Center for Globalization>


<13 students will join ICTG course!>

We are pleased to announce that 13 students are scheduled to enroll in ICTG course on October 1, 2021.